ENFF 2019


6-10 November2019  in Filmhuis The Hague, Netherlands

Eastern Neighbours Film Festival (ENFF) presents a selection of recent and high quality films from East and Southeast Europe; countries with relatively small, but powerful film industries. The festival focuses on productions which would often otherwise not be screened in theaters in the Netherlands. The carefully compiled program provides insight into the reality of the cultural, political and socio-economic conditions in the region, and the development of its local younger and older talents. The program includes feature films, documentaries, short films and animations.  It connects different genres and themes; from current developments in cinema, to historical specialties; from experimental documentaries to art house films. The festival as well engages current debates and questions regarding film aesthetics, ethics, social issues, film theory and artistic forms.

The ENFF annually takes place in November in Filmhuis, The Hague, and goes On Tour with screenings in Amsterdam in Rialto and de Balie, Rotterdam in Kino, and Utrecht in ‘t Hoogt.

The focus of the program in 2019 is BREAKING AND BUILDING WALLS IN EUROPE. November 2019 will be the exact 30 years anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In our specially curated programme The Berlin Wall and 30 years after the fall, we will elaborate on recent political and social events during which different walls, borders and obstacles have been defined between people and countries. This program will therefore not only be about Europe during and after the Berlin Wall, but also about other kinds of walls that divide people in Europe today.

The 11th edition of ENFF takes place from 6-10 November 2019 in Filmhuis The Hague, Netherlands.