A short conversation…, a film by Temra Pavlović & Stefan Pavlović

A short conversation between a brother and a sister

by Temra Pavlović and Stefan Pavlović
Essay Film
Poland/The Netherlands | 2023 | 27′

Producer: The Essay Film Studio, Stanislaw Liguziński, Michal Matuszewski, Visual Narration Laboratory, Film School Łódź
Executive Producer: Koštana Banovic, artTrace

Selected project to the IDFA Project Space program, 2023

Two sibling filmmakers look at the vacation footage their father filmed during the weeks spent with him each year. To entertain them on the road trip, he asked, “Why is music so much more powerful than geology?” Now, some twenty years later, through the categories of ‘music’ and ‘geology,’ the brother and sister ask themselves what they see on the tapes, what they remember, and, through filmmaking, attempt at a means of collective memory.