Ruku Mojeju, a film by Koštana Banović

Ruku mojeju 
by Koštana Banović
The Netherlands/Serbia, 2022, 73 minutes

Producer: Rolf Orthel, Vladimir Šojat
Production: artTrace, Frakcija

Ruku Mojeju (tr. Through Hands of Mine) revolves around a sensory understanding of monastic life. In a convent on a small island in Montenegro, fifteen nuns – mostly young women, one of them blind – live their daily lives in a rhythm of work and prayer, and in the endlessly undulating movements of nature. Over a period of nine years, the sensory documentary gradually developed as a result of the filmmaker’s intense involvement in this monastic community.

Director’s statement
Ruku mojeju attempts to provide a sensory understanding of religion. Rather than questioning the morality of the institution of religion, the film explores its material practices and sensorial experiences. In attempting to understand religion as lived in and through the senses, the film is about taste, smell, sound, colour, and touch. And therefore, also about the body, or, more precisely, the affectivity of the body. The physical search for the essence of belief leads to the question of how people shape their convictions. This in turn, leads to the realisation that the form can actually be the carrier of faith.

National Premiere: Beldocs – International Documentary Film Festival Belgrade – May 2022